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The Bluths

... teach lessons

The Bluths set out to teach each other lessons, often using fear of amputation.

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6 episodes feature this joke:

Season 1

  • 1: Pilot

    Maeby tries to teach her parents a lesson by kissing George Michael.

  • 4: Key Decisions

    "That's why you never leave the tree."

  • 8: In God We Trust

    Maeby tries to teach her parents a lesson by hinting she's running away to Portugal.

    Michael and Lindsay try to teach Lucille a lesson by ambushing her date.

  • 10: Pier Pressure

    J. Walter Weatherman is used to teach the Bluth children not to yell, leave a note, and close the door when the air conditioner is running.

    Michael tries to enlist J. Walter Weatherman and then the Hot Cops to teach George Michael a lesson about smoking pot.

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Season 3