The Uncertainty In School Shooting Numbers: Which Number Is Right?

There is little overlap between K-12 shootings for the 2015-2016 school year listed in the Everytown for Gun Safety database, the Civil Rights Data Collection and those confirmed by NPR. Only eight incidents appear on all three lists. Of the 29 shootings listed in the Everytown database, only eight appear in the CRDC. NPR confirmed an additional three incidents that appear in the CRDC but not in the Everytown database.

School shooting listed in the CRDC
Listed in Everytown
Confirmed by NPR
Central Middle School (Del.) X X
Harrisburg High School (S.D.) X X
Lawrence Central High School (Ind.) X X
Lecanto HS (Fla.) X X
Madison Junior/Senior High (Ohio)* X X
Muskegon Heights Academy (Mich.) X X
Robert Stuart Jr. High School (Idaho) X X
W.S. Hornsby K-8 School (Ga.) X X
East High School (Colo.) X
McNair High School (Ga.) X
Purvis High School (Miss.) X


*Listed as Madison Junior High in the CRDC and as Madison High School on Everytown’s web site.