Democrats Against Or On The Fence: How They Voted

Based on their public statements, seven Democratic members of Congress previously were rated “No/Not Yet” in NPR’s Impeachment Tracker. Here’s how they voted on Thursday to formally begin an impeachment investigation.

Thursday’s vote
District rating
Previous statement
Collin Peterson (D-MN) No Toss-Up Democratic Sept. 24: “If anyone thinks a partisan impeachment process would constrain President Trump, they are fooling themselves. Without significant bipartisan support, impeachment proceedings will be a lengthy and divisive action with no resolution.”
Jeff Van Drew (D-NJ) No Lean Democratic Oct. 13: “Everybody says, ‘Be on the right side of history’ – I think the right side of history is not to impeach.”
Anthony Brindisi (D-NY) Yes Toss-Up Democratic Oct. 10: “If and when articles of impeachment are presented to the full House, I will vote based upon the evidence that I have reviewed through this investigation. That’s the best that I can give you at this point.”
Joe Cunningham (D-SC) Yes Toss-Up Democratic Oct. 16: “At the end of the day, as I said, I’m waiting for all the facts to come out. I’m waiting for all the cards to be laid on the table.”
Jared Golden (D-ME) Yes Toss-Up Democratic Oct. 18: “I disagreed with the Speaker’s decision to open an impeachment inquiry because we hadn’t yet exhausted all avenues, I still disagree with that decision, and I plan to stay the course and continue to withhold final judgment until the investigation concludes.”
Kendra Horn (D-OK) Yes Toss-Up Democratic Oct. 4: “I think they need to do a thorough investigation. I think it needs to be thoughtful, and it needs to be transparent. And, on the other side of that, we’ll see what they come out with, and I’ll make decisions at that point.”
Ron Kind (D-WI) Yes Likely Democratic Oct. 17: “I fully support investigating this thoroughly. These are extremely serious allegations. But as a former special prosecutor back home in Wisconsin I know it is important for us to collect all the facts, all the evidence, before we decide what remedy is appropriate under the circumstances.”