What kind of perfectionist are you?

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Have you ever displayed an angry outburst at work, such as shouting, banging your desk or slamming doors?

Question 2 of 7

Which of the below is most likely to bother you?

Question 3 of 7

Which statement best describes you?

Question 4 of 7

If someone were giving you praise, they'd be most likely to say…

Question 5 of 7

Which statement best describes you?

Question 6 of 7

I've received feedback along the lines of:

Question 7 of 7

It's most meaningful to me…

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Intense Perfectionist

Classic Perfectionist

Parisian Perfectionist

Procrastinator Perfectionist

Messy Perfectionist

Your main perfectionist type corresponds to your highest percentage, but it's possible to be more than one type of perfectionist. Read on for descriptions of each type and tips on managing and appreciating your perfectionist profile.