We’re out here to preserve our livelihood and preserve the middle class, allow our child to live a comfortable life like we have.
Celso Duque
Has worked at GM for 22 years.

For me it's mostly to just be part of something greater than myself. My great-grandfather worked at General Motors before and after the union.
Chad Thomas
Has worked at GM for seven years.

I am here for my family; that's my No. 1 goal. I want to be able to further my education. I want to be able to provide for my kids.
Leatrice Strong
Has worked at GM for two months.

[I’m] doing it for the people coming in behind us. To have a better life, better education and things like that.
Carl Tendziegloski
Has worked at GM for 46 years.

The poor temps, those people are treated like dogs in here. They have no recourse.
Christina Mathis
Has worked at GM for 19 years. She started as a temporary employee, and after three years she worked up to full-time pay.

I’m out here for America’s middle class, which is us.
Troy Fisher
Has worked at GM for 22 years.

The biggest reason for me to be out here is for the insurance because, you know, I’m a single parent and I have to make sure my son is OK. And also I’m trying to fight for the temps as well. We have a lot of temps that been here for a long time and they’re still temps, so I would love for them to get hired in. … One fight, we all fight.
Juanita May
Has worked at GM for nearly five years.

I think everybody deserves fair treatment. Everybody comes in here every day and works their butt off.
Antonio Martinez
Has worked at GM for three years.

I saw opportunity here. I’m not going to say that I don’t see opportunity. I see that it could still be a chance for that. I think that everything is actually going to work out. I really feel like it will work out for the better. I just think that it’s going to take time to get there.
Felicia McCray
Started at GM five months ago.