Sri Lanka

Higher fuel and food prices from the war exacerbated Sri Lanka’s economic crisis. Annual inflation hit 29.8% in April. The government suspended payments on foreign debt and sought a bailout from the International Monetary Fund. China and India are both competing for influence in the debt-ridden country.  |  More ›


In the first month of the war, the price of sunflower oil surged 83% and the price of wheat jumped 47%. The cost of a basic food basket more than tripled compared to a year earlier. (April 2)  |  More ›


Fertilizer prices jumped 200% in March. (March 26)  |  More ›


Most of the country’s wheat imports come from Ukraine and Russia, prompting a ban on exports of flour, wheat, pasta and lentils to protect reserves. The government also fixed the price of commercially sold bread.  |  More ›


The war’s impact on food, fertilizer and fuel costs has exacerbated the political crisis in Peru. Demonstrations swept the country in protest of high prices. (April 8)  |  More ›


Almost all of the country’s wheat comes from Russia and Ukraine, whose supplies have been disrupted by the war.  |  More ›


The world’s second-largest producer of wheat has boosted exports of grain across the globe to offset supply disruptions from Ukraine and Russia.  |  More ›


The central bank devalued the Egyptian pound and investors raised concerns. The country relies on Russia and Ukraine for wheat imports and tourism. (March 21)  |  More ›


The garment industry, the engine of this economy, is facing disruptions from fashion brands exiting Russia, turmoil in shipping and rising energy prices. The government launched a food subsidy program as prices for staples spiked. (March 20)  |  More ›


Farmers in this global agricultural powerhouse are anxious about shortages and soaring prices of fertilizer. Brazil is the world’s biggest importer of fertilizer, and Russia accounts for over a fifth of those imports. (March 5)  |  More ›


Fuel prices rose to the highest in more than a decade. (April 14)  |  More ›


Worried about shortages and higher prices, the government prepared to ration reserves of staples such as wheat, sugar and cooking oil. (Feb. 27)  |  More ›


Italy faces the highest inflation in three decades as energy prices rise.  |  More ›