The country finds itself in a delicate diplomatic spot, forced to balance its warming ties with Moscow against international pressure to denounce the Kremlin’s military adventurism. About three weeks before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, China declared a “no-limits partnership” with Russia. Moscow now hopes to offset some Western sanctions with more economic ties to China.  |  More ›


Georgia has applied to join the European Union. Meanwhile, its breakaway region of South Ossetia — subject of the Russia-Georgia war in 2008 — says it will hold a referendum on joining the Russian Federation. (March 31)  |  More ›


After decades of military non-alliance, Sweden is weighing a decision to join NATO.  |  More ›


Ukraine’s neighbor and one of Europe’s poorest countries has applied to join the European Union, hoping for security guarantees. (March 3)  |  More ›


Israel has staked a position as a potential mediator between Russia and Ukraine, as its prime minister has maintained close ties with both countries’ presidents in a failed bid to broker a peace deal. Israel has admitted thousands of both Ukrainian refugees and Russians fleeing their government.  |  More ›


In response to Japan’s sanctions, Russia pulled out of long-running talks with Tokyo to formally end hostilities from World War II. This included a negotiation over four islands, known as the Southern Kurils in Russia and the Northern Territories in Japan. (March 22)  |  More ›


Brazil maintains neutrality on the Russia-Ukraine war as the agricultural exporter depends on imports of fertilizer, with Russia its top supplier.  |  More ›


The self-governing island is rethinking its defense posture as its residents nervously watch the war. China claims Taiwan as its territory, much as Russia does parts of Ukraine. Taiwanese worry that China might one day invade — and wonder whether the U.S. would come to their defense.  |  More ›


The world’s biggest democracy has bristled at Western pressure to join anti-Russian sanctions and continues to buy Russian oil and weapons. India has long had friendly ties with Russia and wants to avoid alienating Moscow, in part because it fears pushing Russia closer to China. India has condemned civilian killings in Ukraine but has not denounced Russia’s invasion.  |  More ›


The war in Ukraine rattled negotiations over Iran’s nuclear deal, which involve the U.S., Europe, China and Russia. (March 11)  |  More ›


The country positions itself as a bridge between Russia and Europe, condemning Russia’s aggression against Ukraine but not joining Western sanctions — and hosting Ukraine-Russia peace talks. Sanctions loom over Russia’s construction of a $20 billion nuclear power plant in Turkey. Turkey relies on Russian oil and gas imports, as well as both Russian and Ukrainian tourism and food supplies.  |  More ›