The country has admitted more than 880,000 Ukrainian refugees, mostly women and children.  |  More ›

United States

The country has pledged to admit up to 100,000 Ukrainians and others displaced by the war, creating a new program for Ukrainian refugees to come directly to the U.S. with support from a U.S.-based sponsor.  |  More ›


More than half of Ukrainian refugees have arrived here, more than 3.2 million people — almost double the population of the capital Warsaw. The country lifted limits on classroom sizes, as the number of potential new students could reach 700,000.  |  More ›


The war in Ukraine has diverted attention from the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, where aid resources were already strained. Spiking food and fuel prices are exacerbating starvation and poverty. In Europe, Afghan refugees contrast their asylum experience to that of Ukrainian refugees; some Afghans say they had to move to make space for newly arriving Ukrainian refugees. (March 16)  |  More ›


Over 30,000 Russians arrived here in the early weeks of the Ukraine invasion, many fleeing Moscow’s new laws cracking down on anti-war expression. (March 21)  |  More ›


Historically averse to large waves of foreign asylum-seekers, Hungary has admitted more than 560,000 Ukrainian refugees.  |  More ›


One of Europe’s poorest countries has received the most Ukrainian refugees per capita, nearing 460,000, or almost one-sixth of Moldova’s population. (April 27)  |  More ›