Mental Health Indicators Among Male Inmates, By Veteran And Combat Status (2011-2012)

No indicator of mental health problem
Past 30-day serious psychological distress
Told by a mental health professional they had a mental disorder
Prison Inmates
Nonveterans n/a 14.7% 36.3%
Veterans n/a 14.0% 47.6%
With combat experience 36.0% 16.4% 59.5%
Without combat experience 51.2% 13.2% 44.1%
Jail Inmates
Nonveterans n/a 26.4% 43.4%
Veterans n/a 28.5% 54.7%
With combat experience 27.1% 31.1% 67.2%
Without combat experience 40.9% 27.2% 49.3%


— Nonveterans were standardized to veterans for age, race, and Hispanic origin for male prison and jail inmates.
— Mental disorders: The National Inmate Survey report suggests that the higher numbers among veterans could be attributed in part to greater access to military mental health services.