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The Bluths express surprise at their relatives's love interests.

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14 episodes feature this joke:

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

  • 6: The Ocean Walker

    Lucille says "Her?" when referring to Rita.

  • 7: Prison Break-In

    Michael says "Her?" when he is told that the warden loves Lucille.

    The narrator says "Her?" when Michael realizes that Lucille is seducing the warden.

  • 11: Family Ties

    Michael is surprised that Tobias is going on a date with Girl Michael ("Him?").

  • 13: Development Arrested

    George Michael and Michael say "Her?" when they learn that G.O.B. is dating Ann.

Season 4

  • 4: The B. Team

    When Ron Howard says the family would be involved in the movie, Michael says, "Them?"

  • 7: Colony Collapse

    Michael expresses surprise when he hears G.O.B. is marrying Ann.

    Co-host on Christian TV: "Who?"

    Co-host: "Hair?" Pastor Veal: "No, my daughter."

    Ann's wedding is at the church of the Holy Eternal Rapture (HER?).