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Season 4, Episode 8

Red Hairing

Originally aired Sunday, May 26, 2013

Lindsay continues to push away from being a Bluth by embracing a relationship and finding a new career.

11 recurring jokes in this episode



  • Blue Man Group

    Lindsay: "He blued himself." Lindsay's boyfriend Marky Bark accidentally blue glitter-bombs himself when Lindsay forgets to open the podium because she's flirting with the target.

  • ... is actually black

    Lindsay thinks that Herbert Love, a black man, reminds her of Tobias back when they started dating. She has a type.


  • ... got a new nose

    Sally Sitwell's class president banner mention's Linsday's new nose.

  • ... tries to cry

    Lucille: "I'll be out of jail before you work up your first tear."

  • Lindsay is/is not a Bluth

    When confronted by Lindsay on the tennis courts, Lucille tells her, "You're more like me than you know."

    Lucille tells Lindsay, "I'm a Bluth and so are you." at Cinco de Cuatro.

    Lindsay: "My name is Lindsay Bluth, and this is who I am." Narrator: "A Bluth, just like her mother."

George Sr.

  • "No touching!"

    Marky Bark forgets the one rule of prison when visited by Lindsay.


  • "Annyong."

    "Goodbye, Annyong."

  • banners

    I'm for LUCILLE2 4 CONGRES

    "Vote Lindsay Bluth for Class President Rich Pretty Thin (Sally Sitwell's not even that hot)"

    "Sally Sitwell for President I won't leave for two months and come back with a new nose like Lindsay did."

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  • Stress stuttering

    Herbert Love's campaign manager stumbles under pressure.

  • Ostrich troubles

    It turns out Marky Bark is the "ostrich guy" that George Sr. saw.