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NPR's guide to the running gags from the show.

Season 4, Episode 11

A New Attitude

Originally aired Sunday, May 26, 2013

Gob accepts a job from his brother, but is distracted by a scheme of his own.

9 recurring jokes in this episode

The Bluths


  • Gahb Bluth

    Siri calls G.O.B. "gahb."

  • Forget-Me-Nows

    G.O.B. forces Michael to have a forget-me-now so that he won't know about Tony Wonder and G.O.B.'s relationship.


  • ... is gay

    Tobias, to G.O.B.: "I have a list of men that could fill every opening you have."


  • names for Ann

    Narrator: "Humiliating him in front of his bride, uh, her ..."

  • Steve's real father

    G.O.B. asks his son to pretend to be his boyfriend.

  • Ostrich troubles

    G.O.B. sees the shadow of a bird beak before a Tony Wonder show, which reminds him of the ostrich toy that kept him sane as feral Jesus.