Previously, On Arrested Development

NPR's guide to the running gags from the show.

Season 4, Episode 7

Colony Collapse

Originally aired Sunday, May 26, 2013

Gob finds a new group of friends after his relationship falls apart and his family abandons him.

11 recurring jokes in this episode


  • "Come on!"

    G.O.B. manages to coax out a "come on" at the end of his stuttering monologue with Ann.

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  • trick vs. illusion

    I will be performing one of my magical illusions.

    "If what Jesus did was a trick. I say it wasn't. It was an ILLUSION."

    "It's an illusion. Tricks are what whores do for [interrupted] ..."

  • ... messes up a trick.

    Ann bats away several of G.O.B.'s ear mice.

    G.O.B. drowns two doves, a rabbit and a handful of "micellaneous" mice.

    G.O.B. can't undo the secret compartment for his handcuff keys and misses his wedding to Ann.

    G.O.B.'s dummy has a dead dove on top of it.

  • The Final Countdown

    The Final Countdown blares as G.O.B. enters the cave.

  • Forget-Me-Nows

    G.O.B. gets stuck in a roofie circle.


  • "Marry me!"

    G.O.B. says "marry me" to Ann. "Like many Evangelicals, Ann took it literally."


  • names for Ann

    G.O.B.: "Well, he does now, my darling Plant."

    Ann: "So, how did you like your egg?" G.O.B.: "I said you were fine."

    Michael: "Hey there, Mouth. Didn't see you sitting there."

    G.O.B.: "Old Blank and I are getting the Christian magic act back together."



    "Now we have our nest egg, Ann. Now we have ... our nest Ann."

  • "Her?"

    Michael expresses surprise when he hears G.O.B. is marrying Ann.

    Co-host on Christian TV: "Who?"

    Co-host: "Hair?" Pastor Veal: "No, my daughter."

    Ann's wedding is at the church of the Holy Eternal Rapture (HER?).

  • Steve Holt!

    Dave Holt.

  • Steve's real father

    G.O.B. calls Steve after reading a Christian pamphlet left for him by Ann.

  • Stress stuttering

    G.O.B. stammers out a long string of syllables that sound like a cross between "Come on!" and "What, the guy in the $3,000 suit?"