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names for Ann

Michael tries to hide his dislike for George Michael's girlfriend, Ann, but can't seem to get her name straight.

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12 episodes feature this joke:

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

  • 7: Colony Collapse

    G.O.B.: "Well, he does now, my darling Plant."

    Ann: "So, how did you like your egg?" G.O.B.: "I said you were fine."

    Michael: "Hey there, Mouth. Didn't see you sitting there."

    G.O.B.: "Old Blank and I are getting the Christian magic act back together."



    "Now we have our nest egg, Ann. Now we have ... our nest Ann."

  • 11: A New Attitude

    Narrator: "Humiliating him in front of his bride, uh, her ..."