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Season 4, Episode 12


Originally aired Sunday, May 26, 2013

Maeby moves out on her own and reconnects with her cousin George-Michael.

15 recurring jokes in this episode

The Bluths



  • ... misses an important phone call

    The pile of messages left on the Funke's home answering machine includes a note from the Carr Realty Group that Tobias had gotten a call back for a "big deal."

  • ... is gay

    Tobias's workout routine on the rowing machine places him in a certain position.


  • ... got a new nose

    Lindsay recommends that if Maeby wants some reconstruction done "... the nose probably, right?"


  • Maeby is terrible at math

    Donnie Richter labels Maeby an "Algetard."

    Maeby can't tell if she got a 43 or a 34 on her algebra exam.

    The kids on the bus can't get the number of beers correct in "99 bottles of beer on the wall."

    Maeby estimates she's been faking death for an hour and a half; the narrator indicates it's been seven minutes.


  • Steve Holt!

    Maeby tells Steve Holt that she used to date a guy named Steve Holt.

  • Klimpys

    A Klimpy's take-out bag is sprayed with blood when Tobias's head is slammed through the glass door of the model home when he's arrested after his appearance on To Entrap A Local Predator.

  • bleeps

    Maeby's profanity-laden tirade at the Opies launches George Michael's anti-social network and earns her a raft of bleeps.

  • meta

    An obviously older Michael Cera (George Michael) was supposedly "aged by the harsh winds of the sea" though only gone for a few hours.

  • Ostrich troubles

    Maeby's high school mascot is the Ostriches.

  • Something search

    Maeby tells someone to "just something search it."