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The Bluths

Prayer hands

The Bluths often fold their hands in prayer when attempting to symbolize contriteness or devotion.

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6 episodes feature this joke:

Season 4

  • 1: Flight of the Phoenix

    Michael folds his hands in prayer on the cover of Altitude magazine.

    Michael uses prayer hands when voted out of George Michael's dorm room.

  • 2: Borderline Personalities

    George Sr. and Oscar both use prayer hands when addressing CEOs at the sweat lodge.

  • 3: Indian Takers

    Lindsay uses prayer hands when seeking enlightenment in India.

  • 5: A New Start

    Tobias folds his hands together on the airplane before receiving his tea.

  • 6: Double Crossers

    Rebel Alley has her hards folded for her headshot.

  • 12: Senoritis

    When Lindsay affects prayer hands back at Lucille's condo, Michael tells her, "Don't do the prayer hands."