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Season 4, Episode 6

Double Crossers

Originally aired Sunday, May 26, 2013

George Sr.'s new business hits a rough patch, and he must bribe a politician to get his scam back on track.

9 recurring jokes in this episode

The Bluths


  • ... got a new nose

    George Sr., while pinching Lindsday's nose: "If you have any more plastic surgery, your cartilage will collapse like this."

George Sr.

  • "No touching!"

    No hugging! When George Sr. tries to hug the surveyors who tell him he's accidentally in Mexico.


  • ... doesn't like G.O.B.

    Lucille recommends to Oscar that G.O.B. get sent out into the desert to "sweat for a while" and Oscar agrees.


  • "He's very good."

    Barry allows George Sr. to purchase land in Mexico because he failed to read the contract -- which was in Spanish.

  • Steve Holt!

    G.O.B. says, "Steve Holt!" when talking about his son.

  • Mister

    George Sr.: "I don't want to be Mister President."

  • Ostrich troubles

    G.O.B.'s bee hive tips over when he swerves a limo to miss an ostrich.

    George Sr. decides the ostrich warrior stole his potency.