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Ostrich troubles

The Bluths are plagued by ostrich troubles, both literally and metaphorically.

  • Occurrence of a joke
  • Joke in the background
  • Foreshadowing
  • Combined joke

9 episodes feature this joke:

Season 4

  • 1: Flight of the Phoenix

    An ostrich tramples Michael as he walks into Lucille's condo.

  • 2: Borderline Personalities

    A vision of an ostrich man appears to George Sr. and Oscar in the desert.

  • 3: Indian Takers

    A shaman tells Lindsay to move her "head out of the sand."

    Lindsay sees an ostrich outside an Indian resort.

    Marky Bark runs an ostrich farm.

  • 4: The B. Team

    Michael, applying for a tech job, hears, "I think we've got our ostrich." He ends up driving the Something search camera car which looks like an ostrich.

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  • 6: Double Crossers

    G.O.B.'s bee hive tips over when he swerves a limo to miss an ostrich.

    George Sr. decides the ostrich warrior stole his potency.

  • 8: Red Hairing

    It turns out Marky Bark is the "ostrich guy" that George Sr. saw.

  • 11: A New Attitude

    G.O.B. sees the shadow of a bird beak before a Tony Wonder show, which reminds him of the ostrich toy that kept him sane as feral Jesus.

  • 12: Senoritis

    Maeby's high school mascot is the Ostriches.

  • 14: Off The Hook

    Cartoon on the back of a juice box says: "Q. What happens if you stick your head in the sand? A. Don't be surprised if someone uses you as a footstool."