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G.O.B. uses Rohypnol tablets to make himself and others forget.

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9 episodes feature this joke:

Season 3

Season 4

  • 1: Flight of the Phoenix

    Narrator: "It's almost as if he'd found a way to simulate amnesia."

  • 7: Colony Collapse

    G.O.B. gets stuck in a roofie circle.

  • 11: A New Attitude

    G.O.B. forces Michael to have a forget-me-now so that he won't know about Tony Wonder and G.O.B.'s relationship.

  • 12: Senoritis

    Maeby's fourth senior year quote is: "Life is a roofie circle."

    Related Joke: Maeby is terrible at math

  • 15: Blockheads

    G.O.B. tries to feed George Michael a forget-me-now in a piece of bologna so that he will forget the Gothic Castle.

    G.O.B. gives Michael a forget-me-now after he sees Tony Wonder.

    Narrator mentions roofie circles.