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... is gay

Tobias insists he is a real "man's man" who is sexually attracted to women — but he unintentionally insinuates otherwise.

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  • 3: Indian Takers

    He was thinking about the hot seamen and couldn't recall Michael's name.

    Lindsay sees the blouse Tobias wore better when she gets his luggage in the airport.

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  • 5: A New Start

    To a sailor-dressed hot cop: "You are just soaked to the bone."

    Linsday: "This marriage that everyone thinks is a sham because you're gay."

    Tobias: "You look how I feel." G.O.B.: "What, gay?"

    Tobias registers the license plate "ANUSTART"

    "I look like one of those hot guys from Spartacus."

    Tobias ties his Indian garb into a halter top.

    Tobias is wearing a Shemàle shirt.

    "I've got a bit of a stick up my bunghole ..."

    "For 2,000 rupees, we'd both go down on Matthew McConaghey, right Michael?"

    Tobias recognizes DaBrie from the Straight Bait movies.

    DaBrie is referred to as a "51-year-old man" when in the hospital emergency room.

    "I assure you, there's nothing ambiguous about me. I'm Johnny Storm, the human flamer."

  • 9: Smashed

    Tobias to Mark Cherry: "How old are you?" Mark Cherry: "23." Tobias: "Well within my rights."

    Tobias to Michael: "We'll have to go away and lick each other's wounds."

    Tobias: "Maybe I'll do my famous 'gay' character. I don't think you've seen that character." Michael: "Yeah, I have."

  • 10: Queen B.

    Lucille: "You don't look like a hetrosexual in that suit; you look as swishy as Ryan Seacrest."

  • 11: A New Attitude

    Tobias, to G.O.B.: "I have a list of men that could fill every opening you have."

  • 12: Senoritis

    Tobias's workout routine on the rowing machine places him in a certain position.