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NPR's guide to the running gags from the show.



Extended periods of cursing are censored.

  • Occurrence of a joke
  • Joke in the background
  • Foreshadowing
  • Combined joke

20 episodes feature this joke:

Season 4

  • 3: Indian Takers

    Taxicab drivers are pretty foul-mouthed, apparently.

    Lindsay says Tobias's license plate "ANUSTART" out loud. It does not sound like "A new start."

  • 4: The B. Team

    Barry: "You want me to tell Ron Howard to go f%&k himself? I'll tell Ron Howard to go f%&k himself."

    Kitty utters an unspeakable stream of horror after indicating her movie company makes family-friendly movies.

  • 5: A New Start

    DaBrie curses quite a bit during her confession to her methodone clinic peers. Tobias quotes her curses back to her while helping her refine her act.

  • 9: Smashed

    Tobias drops the queen mother of all swear words three times in quick succession when talking to Michael about their respective predicaments.

  • 12: Senoritis

    Maeby's profanity-laden tirade at the Opies launches George Michael's anti-social network and earns her a raft of bleeps.