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Hot mess

Various situations are referred to as a hot mess.

  • Occurrence of a joke
  • Joke in the background
  • Foreshadowing
  • Combined joke

4 episodes feature this joke:

Season 4

  • 1: Flight of the Phoenix

    Michael refers to Lucille Austero as a hot mess when she falls down behind her door.

  • 2: Borderline Personalities

    Dr. Norman, we have a hot mess.

  • 10: Queen B.

    Buster and Lucille both enjoy using the term "hot mess."

  • 14: Off The Hook

    Just six weeks ago, Buster was a hot mess.

    Lucille: "So you can see why I need the testimony of someone who isn't a hot mess." Buster: "You're a hot mess!" Lucille: "You're a hot mess!"